Debris Removal Reminder/Update

PLEASE GET IN YOUR RIGHT-OF-ENTRY (ROE) ASAP if you have not yet done so. The deadline is coming right up next Friday, January 15th.

This map shows the parcels that have turned in their ROEs thus far. When I checked it moments ago, the Glass Fire has received 289 forms (ROE, Private, and Exemptions). That’s about three quarters of the total number of parcels impacted by the Glass Fire. Please reach out to your neighbors and make sure they have their forms in.

•                Option 1: Public/State program forms available online at:

•                Environmental Health contact info: (707) 565-6700 and

•                Joint City/County ROE In Person Center

•                In-person or Zoom appointments can be scheduled on the ROE Center Calendar

•                In-person appointments: Mon-Thurs 10am-3pm

•                Virtual appointments: M-W-F 7am-1pm, T-Th 1pm-7pm, Sat 9am-noon

•                Option 2: Private Debris Removal If you do not opt in to the Public/State Phase 2 program and instead want to use a private contractor, you can find information about that option here:

•                Private Phase 2 Information-Unincorporated

•                Private Phase 2 Information-City of Santa Rosa

•                Private contractors will be held to the same standards for handling hazardous materials as the State.

•                The Northern California Electrical Contractors Association (NCEA) has compiled a list of vetted contractors that can perform various elements of Debris Removal. Please note that neither they, nor we, can recommend one contractor over another. However, this list is a good starting place if you want to explore the private option for Phase 2. 

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