Become a member today! Sonoma County COAD is a collaborative coalition that builds the capacity and coordination of local organizations to both prepare for and respond to disasters in Sonoma County in order to support their operations, employees, and community while effectively aligning efforts with government entities. Membership is open to representatives of nonprofits, faith-based groups, and other organized groups active in disaster and committed to the COAD mission. There is currently no cost to join COAD. 

There are many benefits of becoming an active member:


  • Training and workshop resources and opportunities
  • Access to best practices and networking opportunities
  • Support for Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) training for individual member organizations
  • Current information on local resources related to preparedness


  • Access to timely, accurate information communicated directly from the COAD liaison stationed at the Sonoma County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during disasters 
  • Access to a network of other non-profits responding to disasters and information exchange between nonprofits and government agencies
  • Integrated response opportunities through cooperation, communication, collaboration, and cooperation


  • Increased capacity to provide more efficient service delivery to survivors of disasters
  • Access to opportunities for outreach and volunteering in coordination with our partners
  • Participation in the Local Assistance Center(s) (LAC)
  • Interfacing with the Sonoma County Long Term Recovery Group

As a member, you will be expected to:

  • Accept the mission and purpose of the Sonoma County COAD
  • Maintain representation at routine and special membership meetings and participate in special events and projects.
  • Share information with the COAD network and distribute information when possible. 
  • Maintain accurate information about their organization in the Sonoma County 211 database

To join and be contacted by COAD fill out this form below: